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How I Took Everyones Online System, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And 
Turned It Into My Very Own Work At Home Powerhouse Almost Overnight...
Hey There, 
My name is Sean Phillips, and I recently read a case study from Russell Brunson showing how he was able to take one of his online marketing websites that was working horribly, not making him any profits what so every...

He literally was about to shut off the website, and walk away from it forever...

But, in almost a moment of desperation, he decided to try something crazy - and within 30 days, was able to build His very own work at home business

I thought this casestudy was really cool, and that you'd probably like it a lot, so I go permission to post this casestudy here for you to read. I hope you enjoy!
CASESTUDY: How I Took Everyones Online System, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And 
Turned It Into My Very Own Work At Home Powerhouse Almost Overnight......
Earlier this year, we almost walked away from a sales funnel we had spent over 18 months trying to perfect, but we just couldn't make profitable. 

It was selling a new supplement we had invented, and while the website was creating customers, it was doing it at a loss. 

Yes, for every $1 we put into ads, we were getting back about $0.40. 

Not a good way to run a business long term. 

We had tested and tried a LOT of things 

Yet for some reason, we couldn't turn the corner on this one. 

Conversions were good... cashflow was bad. 

About that time I had a chance to talk to a few guys I knew who were crushing it in a very similar market. 

I showed them what we were doing, what our conversions were, and why I was frustrated. 

They came back with two questions. 

First- How much does it cost you to acquire a customer. 

Ha ha... this one I knew. :)  

After watching Shark Tank for years, I knew this was a core metric that EVERYONE had to master, or they couldn't run a business. 
"Depending on the traffic source, we average about $80 to acquire a customer."
Boom - I'm pretty sure he was going to be impressed. 

Then question #2 came out:

Second- What's your average cart value? 

Huh...? Cart Value? What's that mean? Why aren't you asking me about my conversion rates?

I had never heard of that metric before. 
"It's how much money you make on average, in the cart (including your upsells, downsales, etc...), when someone buys your product." Rusell Said...
Now, that was a metric in our funnel I had never looked at before.   

So I went back to the drawing board, started crunching our numbers, and figured out that our average cart value was ONLY about $32. 

"Well, that's your problem - you're conversions might be awesome, but your cart value sucks. Get that up, and you're back in the game."

Hmmm... I had never thought about cart value before. How could I increase that? 
  • Adding more upsells...
  • Adding a downsale...
  • Adding exit pops...
  • And more...
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